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Childbirth Issues Healed

Not long after I was married I became pregnant and was so excited to have a baby. About three months into the pregnancy I had a miscarriage and was feeling quite sad. It felt like I had lost a baby. I prayed to know that I was living God’s plan for me and that at the right time I would have a child. A few months later I found myself pregnant again but once again at three months the pregnancy ended. This was particularly hard because I was told that after two miscarriages I may never be able to carry a baby to term. I really needed to know that God had a plan for me which would bless many people. A short time later I once again found myself expecting. I immediately called a practitioner who worked with me all during the nine month period.  At the three month point I once again began having signs of losing the baby. I immediately called my practitioner and she gave me a wonderful passage from Psalms 33:9 to work with. “For He spake and it was done. He commanded and it stood fast.” I just held to this thought continually and it brought me great comfort. The pregnancy continued in a very harmonious way and the practitioner and I spoke often throughout the months. As the delivery date drew closer I was able to find a midwife that would come to our home to deliver the baby.

The morning of my actual due date I awoke with signs that today was the day. I called the midwife (she lived an hour away) and she told me that she was sending her nurse to be with me and that she would come when the birth looked more immanent. It was a happy day knowing that soon I would get to see this baby that I had wanted for such a long time. I was able to take short walks and play a word game with my husband for a while but eventually I needed to lie down. The labor was advancing and getting intense however the nurse told me that it would still be a few more hours before delivery. I didn’t see how I could do that so my husband called the practitioner to give her an update. When he told her that it would be a few more hours she said, “We can’t have that.” The baby came within five minutes of hanging up the phone. No, the midwife never got there and the nurse was astounded at how quickly the delivery had gone. We had a beautiful, little, red-haired baby girl and I was feeling on top of the world. The nurse left our home about an hour later and I knew that God had sent me this angel baby and that I would be shown how to care for her as well.

This experience was such a clear example of God’s care for all his children. The dear practitioner was such a huge help during the whole experience and I could not be more grateful for her clear and uplifted thought or for Christian Science.


Normandy Park WA


Healing of Facial Condition

Healing of Facial Condition


In November, 2017, I began to experience some difficulty with one side of my face. My smile was crooked, my eye would not blink and the eyebrow was lower than the other side. I did not look like myself and I was frightened.

I began to pray, reasoning that God, who is good only, did not cause this, so how could it come to be? But I felt very fearful, so I contacted a Christian Science practitioner (one who is in the public practice of healing through spiritually-based prayer as taught in Christian Science) and asked for prayerful treatment. I shared my fear and was comforted by this person’s peaceful, unalarmed response. I was assured of God’s loving care for me and was also reminded of a Bible passage that says, “I will put my spirit within you.” This promise contrasts sharply to the world’s declaration that we are made of matter and its associated beliefs. I was encouraged to accept into thought only what God puts there-the spirit of Truth and Love. I clung to this promise over the next couple of days.

Then a loving family member sent me a precious article written by Carol Dee Lewis entitled, “Healing—because there is no fear in the allness of Love” from the April 2014 issue of the Christian Science Journal. After spending time pouring over this wonderful article with its loving message, which spoke to me so clearly and specifically, like a direct message from God, I felt for the first time that I understood, at least to some degree, that even feeling fear could not stop the love of God to heal—that God was bigger than this! And with this conviction the fear dissolved. I now genuinely felt this was an opportunity rather than a challenge.

I continued to work with the practitioner on a nearly daily basis and felt refreshed and inspired each time we communicated. Thanksgiving was approaching and I’d committed, and was looking forward to singing in a trio with my daughter at her Christian Science church for the Thanksgiving service. Also, I was planning to attend a large Thanksgiving gathering with this daughter’s in-laws family. On one hand, I wanted to hide away and not be seen, but on the other hand, I reasoned what better place to be for the Thanksgiving church service than with a group of fellow Christians who knew how to look beyond what the eye can see. It was a joyful service! I attended the large Thanksgiving dinner festivities, which included a time for each individual to express gratitude. I know there was some concern about my condition, but it wasn’t specifically mentioned and the atmosphere permeated with love for one another. There was no longer hesitation in going about my daily business, which included being out and about and interacting with others. I was not going to hide away because I knew others could see me as God sees me. I was experiencing stirring in my thought as well as progress in the so-called physical situation.

My desire to draw closer to God hour by hour was bearing fruit. Whether falling asleep at bedtime, waking up in the middle of the night or rising to start a new day, my thoughts were focused on God and His love for me as Her expression. One of the very helpful points the practitioner shared was that Mrs. Eddy, in her spiritual insight of The Lord’s Prayer for “Thy kingdom come, thy will be done in earth as it is in heaven,” does not say “enable us to imagine.” But she says, “enable us to know, as in heaven, so on earth, God is omnipotent, supreme.” This really struck a chord with me. There was no imagining going on—instead, there was knowing! And I could know what God knows. I could focus more using the lens of Spirit.

I also regularly included the larger world thought in my prayers knowing that each step of my progress was not just for me but could have an effect beyond—it could be helpful in some small way to replace fear with hope and frustration with patience and the expectation of good.

Within about 2-1/2 weeks the healing was complete. It felt so natural to be lifted out of this false view of myself and to express my identity as God knows me. I’m deeply grateful for a growing sense of God as All and of my purpose to bear witness to this fact in any way I can.


Renton WA


“You Are God’s Child!”

Recently the Wednesday night reading in our Church was all about children, which inspired me to give the following testimony. 
When we were expecting our second child, we went to the same Christian Science Nursing Home where our first baby was born 13 months earlier. It was in the home of the Christian Science Nurse who had the same doctor deliver babies for Christian Scientists in her home for many years. 
This baby was born–our second little girl–and the nurse called my husband into the room to see the baby. Right at that moment the doctor said, “I think there is another one in there.”  I replied, “Oh no! I have a baby at home!” referring to our 13 month old daughter.  In about 5 or l0 minutes the second baby came and the doctor said to us, “well, you got your boy” – and followed with–“Oh-Oh, this one is in trouble.”  I looked and saw the baby boy just lying there, very still, not moving or making any noise.  His color was gray.  Immediately thoughts came to me “well, now you’ve had twins, but one of them is going to die.”  I remembered how my Dad, who was not a Christian Scientist, had always told me I would never have children, and then after our first little girl was born, he said I would never have a boy.  I then recognized these thoughts as error talking to me and I said loudly, “NO!” and followed that by talking directly to the little guy saying, “You are God’s child! You are God’s perfect child.”  I continued talking to him this way for what seemed like hours, but was probably not more than l0 minutes telling him he was God’s perfect child, which I knew he was! No one else spoke–the room was quiet except for me talking to the baby.  Finally he started to cry and waved his little arms around and his color became pink.  The nurse took him to clean and wrap in a blanket and put him with his sister. 
Later when the doctor had checked the babies over and was about to leave he said to my husband and me, “You have two perfectly healthy babies.”
That was it! There were never any follow-up visits necessary.  We went home in 4 days and began the new adventure of having 3 babies to care for.
We had the blessing of having the same practitioner pray with us during the months before the births and through the day and evening when the births occurred.  She was quite surprised in the morning to hear that we had 2 babies that night. 
These children went all through 13 years of school with never missing a day of school due to illness.  We have been truly blessed. 
Our son graduated from University and is now an airline pilot and has a little boy of his own.
Marilyn   (Seattle)



Healing of teeth

More than twelve years ago I noticed that my teeth were starting to become loose.  The ones I used to chew with really wiggled, making it difficult to eat.  Having been raised in Christian Science, I realized that any report from a material body was not the truth about the man God made me to be.  I prayed to know more about my true being.  The phrase, “rooted and grounded in love” came to mind so I looked it up.  I found that Ephesians 3: 14 says, “I bow my knees unto the Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, of whom the whole family in heaven and earth is named, that he would grant you, according to the riches of his glory, to be strengthened with might by his Spirit in the inner man; that Christ may dwell in your hearts by faith; that ye, being rooted and grounded in love, may be able to comprehend with all saints what is the breath, and length, and depth, and height; and to know the love of Christ, which passeth knowledge, that ye might be filled with all the fullness of God.”

As I prayed about that quote, I knew that it was God who strengthened me (and my teeth).  I felt a strong need to be more loving to all those around me, to see every thing and everyone as  expressions of God, Love.  I really tried to resist the temptation to check on the stability of the teeth and instead to concentrate on what it meant to be “filled with the fullness of God”.  The healing was not immediate, but as I sincerely held to the truth about the presence of the Christ in my experience, being grateful daily for all the good I received, the teeth began to stabilize.  When I relocated and had to have a new dentist to clean my teeth, I was told that I needed cleanings at least every three months.  Dire predictions were made about losing teeth.  That dentist left and the dentist who took over his practice has declared that my teeth are in good shape, don’t need cleaning as often and are strong and healthy.  I am most grateful!



Healing of a False Picture

Two years ago, a couple weeks before several relatives from out of state were to arrive for a visit, I suddenly found myself with a problem to work out.  I’d just gone to the sink for drink and noticed when I looked in the mirror that the muscles and skin on one side of my face were drooping down, limp.  Within minutes I could no longer drink from a glass because the water would run right out one side of my mouth.  I began immediately to declare the truth about my true identity as the spiritual idea of God and refused to look at the material evidence.  I knew it was a mirage and not the truth.  I did not need to accept the false picture. 

I called a Christian Science Practitioner to work with me and we steadfastly held to the true facts.  I knew that because God is Love, His expression, me, must be lovely.  The ugly false view was no part of me.   When I spoke with my husband, his response was, “ You are beautiful!”  I knew he was refusing to see anything but the real me.   I spent lots of time with the books, reading Science and Health each night before going to sleep and listening for God’s angel messages each morning first thing when I woke. 

At the end of the first week we were scheduled for breakfast with a couple who are our neighbors.  They are not Christian Scientists so I was a little hesitant to go out with them.   I thought, “What am I going to say if they question my strange appearance?”  The answer came, “It’s just a temporary phenomenon.”  I looked up what Mrs. Eddy says about that.  I taped up the skin of my forehead under my bangs where it wouldn’t show and went on.  Sure enough they did ask and I answered as I’d planned, adding that I was praying with a practitioner and that I’d already experienced a lot of progress and was expecting more.  They said they would also pray – which I thought was very sweet of them.

When my son arrived for his visit a couple weeks later, I was much better but still had a droopy watering eye.  Although he’s been known in the past to be very observant of everything and a bit outspoken, he said nothing.  A month later when I talked to him by phone and told him of the complete healing, he said he’d noticed the eye but had not made any comment.  He knew I was probably working things out.  I was very grateful for lack of interference and the support.

I am very grateful for this healing and for the opportunity it afforded for my banker, a business friend, neighbors, workers and mother’s retirement home, church friends, and others to witness the healing power of the word.



Healing of Warts

When I was in junior high school I had warts on my hands and feet. One girl in our gym class had hers burned off by a doctor. I didn’t want to do that so I began to pray about it. I don’t remember talking with anyone else about it. I had been going to Sunday School since I was very small so I was accustomed to praying when there was a problem. “There is no spot where God is not” is one of the ideas I remember. Also hymn 51 in the Christian Science Hymnal says “Eternal Mind the Potter is, and thought the eternal clay: the hand that fashions is divine, His works pass not away. Man is the noblest work of God, His beauty, power and grace, immortal; perfect as his Mind reflected face to face.” In a fairly short time all the warts were gone leaving no marks.

M. P. – Normandy Park, WA


Harmonious Childbirth

During the delivery of our first child the pain became severe. I had talked with the doctor before delivery and did not want any medicine for killing the pain as I wanted to be able to pray and be totally conscious and know what was going on. I asked my husband to please call the practitioner I had been working with. He does not study Christian Science but he came back in the room saying “There is no pain in Truth, and no truth in pain”. Sure enough, the next contraction was like making a fist with my hand with no pain. I was so very grateful. The delivery continued without that much pain and I was ecstatic with the birth of our son. That moment of recognition of God’s power in my life was priceless.

M.P. – Normandy Park, WA


One Starry Night

As I knelt down by the sliding glass door to pray I heard a voice over my shoulder, say, “Aw, Mom, this is never going to work.”

I testify that the prayer that I affirmed did work and I would like to share it with you.

It was a cold, clear, starry winter evening after supper in 1986 that my oldest son and I embarked outside to “sight” in his new telescope, hoping to catch a glimpse of Halley’s comet.

Dad was off on a service call, and our youngest 18-month-old son was left inside the house.

As we were setting up the telescope the thought came to me, “What about the back door?”  I looked up in time to see my young son with his back and padded bottom sit down by the sliding glass door.

I gasped knowing he was very close to the door’s foot lock.

I ran to the door; sure enough, he had sat on the latch and we were locked out.

For the next 15-20 minutes my oldest son and I coaxed the baby to lift the latch on the foot lock.  We knelt down by the door motioning and saying, “Lift the lock, lift the lock….”  We also, periodically, ran several times to the front door with the baby following us, to have him unlock the deadbolt, but to no avail, as it was really out of his reach.

Realizing the futility that the front door’s deadbolt was too high up to reach, we settled in at the back door with the foot lock.

In Christian Science we have learned that God is no respecter of persons and he is the divine Mind of all.  We all exist in God, Spirit, moving and having our being.

Adam Dickey writes in “God’s Law of Adjustment,” that “All we have to do is scientifically to bring this law of adjustment into contact with our unfinished problem, and when we have done this we have performed our full duty.”—that “In reality, the problem is not physical, but purely mental, and is the direct result of some thought cherished in mortal mind…. that  “there is a law of God which, when rightly appealed to, would bring about his rescue.”

For me, this means that when we recognize what is absolutely true whatever seems to be hindering will yield to God’s law.

Our experience was proclaiming that we were locked out—separated from each other.

My prayer that night though, didn’t run this gamut of intellectual reasoning, as it was purely inspirational to kneel down and close my eyes to the situation and pray.  I declared in my silent prayer,  “There is just one Mind.”

As I opened my eyes, the baby reached down and, with his finger, disengaged the lock by lifting its latch.  We were in the house in lightning speed just from the simple acknowledgement in prayer that there was just one Mind.

Though my oldest son and I did not see Halley’s comet that night we did catch a glimpse of a good and gracious God, the divine Mind of all.

DLH, March 27, 2012


Finding A Home

I decided to move to an area nearer the Christian Science church I was attending. So for several weeks after church I drove around a particular location I liked. Since I was raised in Christian Science, I turned to God to direct me to the right place. I applied how I was taught to pray by knowing God is an ever present help and He cares for me as His beloved child. I could ask Him for the right ideas to lead me to my right place according to His plan.

Soon I spotted an inconspicuous “For Sale” sign hanging on a fence. I wondered if it was for a large lot in front of the house or for the house and lot. I think God gave me a push to get out of the car and inquire. I walked up a long driveway to the house and rang the doorbell. A gentleman came to the door and assured me the house was for sale.

As the owner was showing me through the rooms, decorated with an unattractive yellow-green color here and there, I was redecorating them in my mind. Even though it needed painting, papering and updating, the house plan was just perfect for me.

It all worked out beautifully. The price was right and he informed me he was a real estate broker and I would not have to pay extra for closing costs. Also, to top it off, there was a lovely lake view. I have enjoyed my home and lived here for many years, painting, papering and updating to my hearts content.

“And we know that all things work together for good to them that love God, to them who are the called according to his purpose.” (Romans 8:28) Thank you dear God.


Renton, WA


Boiling water spill does no harm

Recently, while working in the kitchen, I was boiling some water and dodging my dogs at the same time. In order to avoid spilling boiling water on my dogs, I spilled it on my right arm from elbow to hand.  I immediately declared God’s ever-presence. I could see the redness disappear and felt not an instant of pain. To me it was a demonstration of God’s allness and the immateriality and spirituality of my own being. Thanks to my understanding of Christian Science, I’ve learned that “God is the center and circumference of all being.”

This quote refers to a passage in Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures by Mary Baker Eddy, on page 203: 32-1, “God is at once the centre and circumference of being.”

Renton, Washington