Childbirth Issues Healed

Not long after I was married I became pregnant and was so excited to have a baby. About three months into the pregnancy I had a miscarriage and was feeling quite sad. It felt like I had lost a baby. I prayed to know that I was living God’s plan for me and that at the right time I would have a child. A few months later I found myself pregnant again but once again at three months the pregnancy ended. This was particularly hard because I was told that after two miscarriages I may never be able to carry a baby to term. I really needed to know that God had a plan for me which would bless many people. A short time later I once again found myself expecting. I immediately called a practitioner who worked with me all during the nine month period.  At the three month point I once again began having signs of losing the baby. I immediately called my practitioner and she gave me a wonderful passage from Psalms 33:9 to work with. “For He spake and it was done. He commanded and it stood fast.” I just held to this thought continually and it brought me great comfort. The pregnancy continued in a very harmonious way and the practitioner and I spoke often throughout the months. As the delivery date drew closer I was able to find a midwife that would come to our home to deliver the baby.

The morning of my actual due date I awoke with signs that today was the day. I called the midwife (she lived an hour away) and she told me that she was sending her nurse to be with me and that she would come when the birth looked more immanent. It was a happy day knowing that soon I would get to see this baby that I had wanted for such a long time. I was able to take short walks and play a word game with my husband for a while but eventually I needed to lie down. The labor was advancing and getting intense however the nurse told me that it would still be a few more hours before delivery. I didn’t see how I could do that so my husband called the practitioner to give her an update. When he told her that it would be a few more hours she said, “We can’t have that.” The baby came within five minutes of hanging up the phone. No, the midwife never got there and the nurse was astounded at how quickly the delivery had gone. We had a beautiful, little, red-haired baby girl and I was feeling on top of the world. The nurse left our home about an hour later and I knew that God had sent me this angel baby and that I would be shown how to care for her as well.

This experience was such a clear example of God’s care for all his children. The dear practitioner was such a huge help during the whole experience and I could not be more grateful for her clear and uplifted thought or for Christian Science.


Normandy Park WA