What’s Been Healed at Our Church

Here are some of the healings experienced by our members and visitors, as shared at recent Wednesday evening meetings:

  • Sudden sight impairment while driving. He prayed by knowing there was no substance in matter.  Wife assisted in prayer by knowing that he could not be separated from God. Sight restored within 5-10 minutes and he could drive again.
  • Forgiveness achieved by praying, ‘Ye shall know the truth and the truth shall set you free.”
  • Was reminded by co-worker that, “God is in control” while searching to hire the right person for an open job. The hire was made.
  • Family that didn’t have much money lived for some while on the “manna” of pizza dough, which the husband brought home at the end of the night after delivering pizzas.  Made many breadsticks, pizzas, etc., and were very grateful that God supplies all needs.
  • Husband and wife both protected during a country dance festival when she began to fall and he broke her fall with his elbow, which hit the floor.  He was unhurt and realized the truth that there are no accidents in God’s kingdom.
  • Was led to employment in a different city and through a series of moves and events really saw how, “All things work together for good to them that love God . . . “
  • Flu symptoms healed within a few hours by declaring the Truth about existence and denying the error and understanding that it is impossible to be separated from God, good.
  • Ill due to eating some bad food.  Fought this error through prayer and was well in the morning.
  • Healed of smoking through prayer.
  • The brief, heartfelt prayer of, “Father, show me what to do” or “Father, help me” has brought blessings including finding employment and continuing to advance professionally.
  • Overcame “writer’s block” by understanding he has the Mind of God, not a mortal mind.
  • Injured dog was healed through prayer in one day.
  • Lost wallet found through prayer and understanding the laws of God.
  • Flu symptoms disappeared as the understanding of God and our inseparable relationship with Him dawned in thought.
  • Gratitude for the Divine Mind led to finding the correct pipe for a repair job.
  • Broken toe healed quickly by knowing there are no accidents in God. Full mobility restored.
  • Young wife and mother prayer for understanding of the intelligence behind creation—and started reading the Bible with an inspired sense.
  • Sudden inability to swallow while driving was quickly healed by realizing that we can only think spiritual, pure, healthy thoughts from Mind, God.
  • Son’s arm healed through knowing there is no separation from good, God.
  • Broken bone healed without medical attention after a fall in the garden.
  • God provided a job, a home, a church—and a sense of peace.
  • Healing of a sore ear through cherishing the understanding of purity.
  • Airline stewardess experiencing serious back pain healed during a Wednesday evening church service.

You’ll find more on our healings blog. You’re also warmly invited to attend one of our church services or stop by our Reading Room!