My Neck Was Healed Through Prayer

In January 2022 my neck started bleeding. As a Christian Scientist who has experienced many healings through prayer, I began praying, but when my praying didn’t improve the evidence, I called a Christian Science practitioner and teacher for more prayerful help. I also contacted a Christian Science nurse to bandage the area which was difficult for me to see due to the location.

Each day the practitioner emailed helpful ideas from the weekly Bible lesson. I also continued to pray for myself. I was taking notes daily on what I was reading and began a journal of some of the key ideas using just a few words such as “fear not”, “let God lead”, “watch and pray”.

Twice I went to Sunrise Haven, a Christian Science nursing facility, to be bandaged. There was improvement in the evidence by the second time. I started using smaller bandages, even cutting some in half. One day I forgot to bandage at all and no one said anything. After that I was less self-conscious and soon there was no evidence at all and the healing was complete. In August I finally released the practitioner from her steadfast help through prayer that she gave me daily all those weeks.

“Watch, watch, watch, work and pray” is my new daily prayer. Watch that I don’t let into thought ideas that are not from God. Watch that only good fills my consciousness. Watch that every word that comes to thought is a word from God, good. Work to express God with every thought I am thinking. Pray to let God be All-in-all in my experience.

I am most grateful for Christian Science.

Merry Ann

Burien WA