Healings Blog

Christian Scientists strive to follow the teachings of Jesus Christ, just as all Christians do. We believe that healing is […]

Driveway Dispute Settled

About 12 years ago a beloved neighbor died.  His nephew sold the property to a man who intended to build

Pain in groin healed

One Wednesday in September, 2018, as I returned home from morning errands, the left side of my groin started feeling

Out of the Fog to Safety

Words fail to express my gratitude for the weekly Christian Science Bible lessons. When I read these lessons each month

What is Truth?

What is Truth? I would like to express gratitude for continual healings in the study and practice of Christian Science.

Listening to Angel Messages

  This morning I was weeding at a community garden where “Stewards of the Cove”, a volunteer group for which

Trusting God’s Love Heals

A few years ago, I joined a recreational rowing organization, and discovered most of my teammates to be extremely friendly,