Broken Arm Healed Through Prayer

When I was nine years old, I was healed of a broken arm with Christian Science prayer treatment alone and no medical intervention of any sort.

We had a new mattress and bed frame which had just been delivered and were waiting to be set up.  Somehow, I tripped over them and fell, landing with my full weight on one arm.  The arm hung limply, so I supported it with my other arm and hand.  One would expect a young girl to be frightened at this point, but I felt no fear.  I knew that my mother would call a Christian Science Practitioner, an individual devoted to healing through prayer, and I would be healed.

My mother was a professional musician and had to play a job that night.  She called the practitioner who went right to work.  We had only one car, so my dad drove my mother to work while I stayed home with my older sister.

I busied myself with studying pages from Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures by Mary Baker Eddy, which helped me understand the reality of God’s love for me and that I could never fall out of His tender care. I’m sure that on her way to work, my mother was also praying for me.

Within two hours I was completely healed.  All pain was gone and my arm was fully functional.  Because of the rapid healing and my refusing to be impressed by any unpleasant mental suggestion (that I had a broken arm), I cannot tell for sure which arm it was!

When it was time to pick up my mother from work, Daddy said, “Come on along so your mother can see that you are healed.”

We all climbed into the car and when we arrived, I could truthfully say, “Look, Mommy, I am all well.”  It was a very joyous ride home that night.