Testimony of Shoulder Paralysis Healing

Testimony of Shoulder Paralysis Healing

On a Saturday morning recently, I began watering the front yard. I set the timer for 15 minutes and laid down on the sofa. When the timer rang, I attempted to get up, but there was no sensation in my shoulder. I couldn’t move it at all; it was completely paralyzed.

I panicked at first – how was I going to usher at church tomorrow if I couldn’t even drive? What had I done wrong? Then I realized I had done nothing wrong. This was not my fault. In Christian Science, we learn that we are spiritual. Matter is nothing. This is explained in the Scientific Statement of Being, on page 468 of Science and Health, written by Mary Baker Eddy. The statement ends with “Spirit is God, and man is His image and likeness. Therefore man is not material; he is spiritual.”

I slowly got up and turned off the timer and sprinkler. For inactivity claims, I remembered from Science and Health, page 427, “There is no death, inaction, diseased action nor reaction.” In my prayer I added, “there is only God’s harmonious action.”

I also remembered an article a practitioner (one who is in the public practice of healing through spiritually-based prayer as taught in Christian Science) had once given me about the unreliability of the material senses called, “Truth’s Clear Vision” from the Christian Science Sentinel dated February 20, 1954, by Louie Allen. I was familiar with healings of sight and hearing, but this article mentioned feeling, too.  It says, “The claim of feeling ill, feeling pain, feeling loss and hurt and soreness, is healed over and over again when the truth is accepted that feeling is a divine faculty: that divine Love feels conscious of the existence of every idea, and every idea is feeling Love’s presence.” Every idea means each of us. This feeling is spiritual.

Also, I remembered a line from a recent testimony in another Sentinel that stated the testifier didn’t want just some pain relief, but perfection. So did I. Immediately the paralysis vanished. I was free! I danced around the kitchen saying, “Thank you God” over and over.

Of course, I ushered that Sunday, and gave this testimony the following Wednesday at church. Thank you, God!


Seatac, WA