Healing of a False Picture

Two years ago, a couple weeks before several relatives from out of state were to arrive for a visit, I suddenly found myself with a problem to work out.  I’d just gone to the sink for drink and noticed when I looked in the mirror that the muscles and skin on one side of my face were drooping down, limp.  Within minutes I could no longer drink from a glass because the water would run right out one side of my mouth.  I began immediately to declare the truth about my true identity as the spiritual idea of God and refused to look at the material evidence.  I knew it was a mirage and not the truth.  I did not need to accept the false picture. 

I called a Christian Science Practitioner to work with me and we steadfastly held to the true facts.  I knew that because God is Love, His expression, me, must be lovely.  The ugly false view was no part of me.   When I spoke with my husband, his response was, “ You are beautiful!”  I knew he was refusing to see anything but the real me.   I spent lots of time with the books, reading Science and Health each night before going to sleep and listening for God’s angel messages each morning first thing when I woke. 

At the end of the first week we were scheduled for breakfast with a couple who are our neighbors.  They are not Christian Scientists so I was a little hesitant to go out with them.   I thought, “What am I going to say if they question my strange appearance?”  The answer came, “It’s just a temporary phenomenon.”  I looked up what Mrs. Eddy says about that.  I taped up the skin of my forehead under my bangs where it wouldn’t show and went on.  Sure enough they did ask and I answered as I’d planned, adding that I was praying with a practitioner and that I’d already experienced a lot of progress and was expecting more.  They said they would also pray – which I thought was very sweet of them.

When my son arrived for his visit a couple weeks later, I was much better but still had a droopy watering eye.  Although he’s been known in the past to be very observant of everything and a bit outspoken, he said nothing.  A month later when I talked to him by phone and told him of the complete healing, he said he’d noticed the eye but had not made any comment.  He knew I was probably working things out.  I was very grateful for lack of interference and the support.

I am very grateful for this healing and for the opportunity it afforded for my banker, a business friend, neighbors, workers and mother’s retirement home, church friends, and others to witness the healing power of the word.