God is all!

My husband came home from the doctor’s office one Friday several years ago with the startling news that he had been diagnosed with mesothelioma.  He had been told that tests showed his lungs were teeming with cancer cells, and he probably would not survive more than six months.  My husband was not a Christian Scientist, but asked me to do some prayerful work for him.  He informed me that I had only the weekend to get a healing, because he had an appointment the following Monday to undergo more tests.

I didn’t feel especially rushed, nor did I feel any fear; however, I didn’t hesitate getting to work prayerfully right away.

One thing that has always been very comforting to me when working on a problem is the fact that “God is All.”  I knew that if God is All, and He is good, there couldn’t be anything the opposite of Him.  There can’t be any disease if God is All.  There can’t be any inharmony of any kind if all there is, is God.

I made a list of as many of God’s qualities I could think of, including love, honesty, compassion, understanding, purity, patience, etc.  Throughout the weekend, I thought about how my husband reflected each one of them.  When I fully understood that, since God is All, His qualities were really all there is and disease was nothing, I stopped working prayerfully and went about doing other things.  If I found myself wondering how he was doing I went back to the fact that God is All, and there could be nothing else but good.

We were both very grateful to learn that the tests he had on Monday showed there was no sign of the disease.  “God is All.”  Just three words, but when understood, they are powerful enough to heal any problem.